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What is Smooh?

The world is no longer changing… It has already changed! And with every change comes new habits. People do not spend as much time in front of the television as before, and the busy daily life makes them spend more time on the street than at home.

These new behaviors have caused media outlets to care about this hitherto idle time to people wherever they were.

No wonder the worldwide trend of digital signage (also known as media out of home) and corporate TV has emerged and has spread to major metropolises around the world such as New York and Hong Kong.

Understanding this trend, Smooh, a 100% Brazilian company, has developed its own tool for controlling, managing and distributing digital content with many customizations and easy operation at an incredibly low cost. 😊


Who We Are

We are an innovative Brazilian company, established in 2016 by engineers and computer scientists, more than enthusiastic, passionate about technology!

Despite this passion, we are strongly structured on the belief that people are more important than the technology that surrounds them.

And above all, we believe that the union between people is only built through communication!


How We Do

Our entire infrastructure is located in the cloud, from the website you see right now to our customers' contents.

We rely on the credibility and security of the giant Microsoft Azure.

For you, this translates into quality and peace of mind when it comes to operating your displays.

Broadcast your videos, audios, images, web pages, custom bars, or ready-made content such as news from our partners.

Post ads, monitor where and when they appeared, and deliver reports to advertisers.

Have your own customers? Allow them to upload content to their displays only, and control how many videos and images each customer can upload.

Do you use corporate TV? Display your dashboards in real time. Allow each of your company's areas to upload content in a distributed and organized fashion, diluting the effort among your contributors.

Monitor which displays are online now and extract graphical reports with the previous history.

Using our unique online editor, create content templates so that you, your customers, or your company's areas can later fill them up, creating new content faster.

Set up content playlists, subplaylists, content groups, airing date, limit the exhibition of your content according to the day of the week, time, geographic location… and more! 😉

Display your content on your platform!

The receiver runs on the Windows platform and is compatible with dozens of Android HDMI devices of various brands, models and prices.

Want a way to organize your customer service in an orderly fashion?

Control attendance through names or numbers, in the realm of your service modalities, with your own priority rules, with or without self-service totems at the reception!

Everything is always displayed side by side with your content, using your branding, which you can customize anytime, as often as you like.

Need a calm environment, or don't want to interrupt the background music to sound the call alert? You can choose to turn the alert sound on or off, and, should you decide to keep it on, it can also be customized.

Best of all, you don't have to pay any extras for this or any other feature, as they are all part of the system! There are no hidden extra costs 😊


Our Numbers

1,081 displays

810 24/7 displays

16 States (in Brazil)

Our Customers

TV Barber
TV Brilho
Colégio Bandeirantes

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